Haydn Youth String Orchestra



Welcome to our website! The Haydn Youth String Orchestra is a top class ensemble from the northern half of the Netherlands. The orchestra consists of talented string-players aged 12 - 19. The orchestra was founded in 1989 to further the musical growth of talented youths regarding their string-playing in the European tradition, supported by a preparatory ensemble and chamber music activities. The HYSO has acquired international recognition and won several contests.

Amazing what young, gifted musicians can achieve! The HYSO offers them the opportunity to further develop their specific string-sound and -technique, playing together during the weekly rehearsals and regularly organized study weekends, as well as student concerts, where members of the orchestra can present themselves in combination with piano or as professionally coached chamber music ensembles. It stands to reason that playing orchestral concerts is of utmost importance to these youngsters. Approximately 20 concerts are planned each season, 10 of which are given in the Netherlands, where young Dutch soloists are given the opportunity to perform with the HYSO. The HYSO is conducted by Jan-Ype Nota, member of the North-Netherlands Symphony Orchestra and a gifted teacher at the Prince Claus Conservatory Groningen and the Royal Conservatoire The Hague.
Every year the HYSO travels abroad to give concerts. In the past the HYSO visited Austria, Engeland, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Scandinavia, the United States, Scotland, the Caribean, Italy, Croatia and Portugal.

On this website you can listen to all the CD’s the HYSO has made in the past years. You can order most CD’s or CD+DVD’s by sending an email to info @hjso.nl, costs are € 10 for any. There are some Youtube video’s to be seen, the concert data of the orchestra, the pieces we are currently performing and a lot more. Please contact us for any further information.

Anna de Vries
management HYSO
PO Box 1385
9701 BJ Groningen
The Netherlands
T + 31 6 42 84 05 12
info @hjso.nl